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CMC Hybrid Recitals Are a Great Success!!

CMC has continued to offer quality music lessons and experiences during the pandemic. One exciting new development this year is CMC’s Hybrid Recitals, which are concerts combining online performers and in-person socially distanced and masked performers. Student performances at home are viewed by people at the recital and students performing in person at CMC are viewed by those at home - all accomplished using HDTV connected to a laptop, iphone on a tripod, and Zoom. These recitals have been successful and rewarding for all of the performers and have been viewed by family members all over the US and around the world! Bringing together performers in the CMC community has always been a part of the CMC experience. During the pandemic our recital schedule has continued apace. The combined effect of everyone being able to support, perform, and clap for one another, whether performing in-person at CMC or from one’s living room, generates a wonderful feeling for all.

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