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Composition Lessons

Our teachers are highly qualified and are passionate about teaching and performing. CMC instructors operate their own private studios.


If you would like general information or help with placement, please click here,  or contact us by phone at 617-519-9296

What We Offer:

  • Composition Lessons (in person & online)

  • Children & adults

  • Lessons for beginners

  • Lessons for intermediate & advanced players

Writing Music

Our Instructors

Brian Buch 

Piano, Theory & Composition

Brian Studio head shot.jpg

Brian Buch received his Doctorate in Music Composition from Boston University and his Bachelor of Music degree in Music Composition with an emphasis in Piano Performance from the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. In addition to CMC, Brian teaches at the Berklee College of...

Matthias Hoener 

Contemporary Composition,

Production & Songwriting

Matthias Hoener headshot.jpeg

Matthias Hoener is a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from Boston, MA. An interest in composition as a teenager led him to study music production in college, graduating with a degree in Composition for New Media from University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Matthias believes that anyone can learn to compose ...

Alex Gaglias

Piano, Music Theory, Composition

Bio photo_AlexGaglias.jpeg

Alex Gaglias is a pianist, composer and music educator who has been teaching piano, music theory and composition to students of all ages for more than a decade. As a performer he has experience playing with ensembles, accompanying ballet classes, solo singers and choirs. As a composer, he has written concert music for...

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