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CMC COVID Guidelines (effective 9/1/22)

Updated: Aug 28, 2022


• Masks are recommended in common areas.

• Instructors may require that masks are worn in their teaching studios.

• Masks are required at all CMC recitals and group events. Performers may remove their masks only while performing.

Vaccine Recommendations

• Vaccines and boosters are highly recommended for everyone.

• Vaccination sites may be found at

• City of Cambridge updates on health and safety may be found at

Hygiene Protocols

• Handwashing products and hand sanitizer are available throughout the space.

• Please wash hands before lessons.

• Sanitizing spray and paper towels are available in all rooms.

Covid Lesson Attendance Guidelines

• If you test positive for Covid-19 and have symptoms: STAY HOME for 5 days from when you tested positive. After the 5 day isolation, if there has been no fever for 24 hrs, please mask for an additional 5 days at all times when inside CMC.

• If you test positive and do not have symptoms: STAY HOME for 5 days from when you tested positive, and please mask for an additional 5 days. *If you develop symptoms within 10 days of when you tested positive, the isolation clock starts at day 0 of the symptoms onset.

STAY HOME and take your lesson online if you or your child are ill.

• If students or caregivers show signs of illness during a lesson, the lesson will end early.

• If the teacher becomes ill during a lesson, they will suspend the lesson.

• Anyone showing signs of illness will be asked to leave.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

• All rooms, including the waiting area, contain an air purifier, which continuously clean the air with carbon HEPA filtering.

• Our HVAC has MERV 13 filtration and a UVC light antibacterial air purification system.

• Complete cleaning and sanitizing of the space will occur on a regular basis.

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