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More and More Teachers and Students Return to In-Person Lessons!

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Dear CMC Community,

With the easing of many of the existing Covid-19 restrictions and the increasing percentage of persons receiving vaccinations, more and more teachers and students are returning to in-person lessons at The Cambridge Music Consortium (CMC).

I am again sharing with you the improvements that I have made to the space to maximize the safety, comfort, and confidence of the CMC community. For updated guidelines for using CMC during Covid-19 please click here.

Upgrades to infrastructure at CMC include:

  • Each room now has an air purifier, which will continuously clean the air with carbon HEPA filters.

  • HVAC upgrades to air intake filtering.

  • HVAC upgraded with UVC antibacterial air purification system.

  • Furniture has been moved (and removed) to make social distancing easier.

  • Six-foot distancing markers in all rooms to make social distancing easier for you and your students.

  • Physical barriers for vocal and wind instrument lessons.

  • Disinfectant spray (medical grade) is available in each room for disinfecting before and after each lesson.

  • Paper towel dispensers are available in all rooms.

  • Touchless soap dispensers.

  • Touchless trash cans.

  • Signage throughout reminding of social distancing and handwashing.

  • Increased cleaning.

  • Additional music stands

  • Toilet seat covers

The CMC community, as so many others, has endured a terrible storm. I am happy however, to report that with our collective ability to pivot, show resilience, be inventive, and willingness to be creative with new types of instruction that The Cambridge Music Consortium has survived and will continue to thrive. Thanks to all of those who remained devoted to CMC and supportive throughout.

I look forward to seeing you all at CMC soon!


Clayton Hoener

Studio Spaces, LLC

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